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Report Your Organization

Report Your Organization

Bringing attention to inequities that exist within your workplace is a brave thing to do, but it’s not always a safe thing to do. In addition to the risk of being personally penalized by leadership, being the person to speak up about inequities can be frustrating and exhausting. We will shoulder that burden for you. […]

I said, what I said – White Supremacy Lives in Our Schools

I said, what I said – White Supremacy Lives in Our Schools

This past weekend I received an increase in hate mail — much of it includes threats of racial, gender, and sexual violence towards me. This hate follows articles written by Fox News, Yahoo News, and Texas News Today about my article “How White Supremacy Lives in Our Schools”. My article is featured in education trainings […]

Announcement: Altagracia, Keynote Speaker at ITOC Conference 2020

Announcement: Altagracia, Keynote Speaker at ITOC Conference 2020

Altagracia Montilla was invited to the Institute for Teachers of Color Committed to Racial Justice 2020 Conference. ITOC is an annual three-day professional development to facilitate the growth, success, and retention of teachers of Color in K-12 public schools serving students of Color, with on-going community and continued site-based support.  A unique collaboration between the [...]
Altagracia Receives Racial Justice Innovation Grant

Altagracia Receives Racial Justice Innovation Grant

Altagracia was awarded the ITOC  Racial Justice Teacher Innovation Grant which is “awarded to racial justice leaders working in or with  K-12 schools. Their passion, thoughtfulness and creativity have led to curriculum, initiatives and community building that transform school culture and learning at school sites across the nation.”  The grant was awarded to Altagracia to [...]


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    Resources created and curated by Altagracia Montilla

    of Anti-Racism

    Boulders that Get in the Way of Antiracism

    Habits of an Equity Centered Leader

    Conflict Bravery

    Antiracist Transformation

    The Principles of Antiracism


    Parable Playlist

    "I don’t know whether good times are coming back again. But I know that won’t matter if we don’t survive these times.”
    -Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower

    Medicine for the Freedom Dreamer’s Spirit


    "I truly believe that what we shared and learned and created in this space is something that transcends space and time."
    - Altagracia Montilla, Freedom Readers Virtual Book Club

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    Freedom Readers

    Freedom Reader's Book Club

    Freedom Readers Book Club

    Freedom Readers is the nation’s only virtual book club designed specifically for people committed to social justice and freedom dreaming.

    Freedom Readers is an enchanted space, curated by strategist, facilitator, freedom dreamer, conflict coach, and healer, Altagracia Montilla.

    Freedom Readers goes beyond the book. This book club is curated to heal and nourish the minds, hearts, and spirits of readers who dare to dream of a world more beautiful than the one we know (more just, loving, caring, etc.). We leverage the magic of community and connection to inspire the most imaginative parts of ourselves.

    Freedom Readers is a safe space. All freedom readers are screened through an application process so all members know they’re in the company of their tribe – social justice and freedom dreaming folx.

    Join Freedom Readers

    Medicine for the Freedom Dreamer’s Spirit

    Freedom Readers connects people in profound and unprecedented ways across difference and across distance. Here, we’ve made magic happen in the midst of chaos.

    I designed Freedom Readers to be a healing space, but the amount of healing that’s taken place in the first two years is already greater than I ever imagined it could be. While the books are a fun focal point, the books are not what heals – healing comes from the connection with like-minded people, the safety to take a breath, breathing in shared space with people who also envision liberation and freedom. Healing is being amongst people who get it. We pour into each other through the gifts of listening and sharing. We pour into each other by making each other feel seen, heard, and loved.

    The truth is, the greatest and most inspiring stories are actually the ones we carry with us. So we did something different in the special Freedom Readers series, Medicine for the Freedom Readers Spirit. We’re put down the texts to explore the stories that already exist within us, within our hearts and spirits. The tools for creating the future, the world we want to see exist, lie within us – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

    Each week we gathered around a prompt to help us see ourselves and each other beyond the surface. We took the time to reflect and to unpack independently and collectively. Together, we shared laughter, joy, and inspiration; together, we were a movement; together, we embodied resistance through community and care. This kind of radical connection, community, and reflection is powerful – It is medicine for the freedom dreamer’s spirit.

    What took place in this space was beyond what I imagined it to be. I’m dedicated to creating more spaces for radical healing and radical connection in this way. Stay tuned for details regarding the Freedom Readers retreat.

    Community Agreements

    We are a community made up of individuals who lead with love, and value and respect each other. We revisit our community agreements every time a new book is selected:

    One Diva, One Mic

    No One Knows Everything; Together We Know A lot

    Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

    No Spoilers 

    Speak Your Truth

    Acknowledge the Difference Between Intention and Impact

    Recognize Power and Privilege 

    Embrace Curiosity

    All that you touch, You Change. All that Changes Changes you

    Let Joy Thrive!

    Books We've Read


    Altagracia Montilla sits with author, hip-hop historian, and cultural commentator, Jeff Chang to explore race, resegregation, hip hop, solidarity, and freedom dreams.

    Custom cookies by Sweet Escapes Bakery

    Books We’ve Read

    Altagracia Montilla sits with author, hip-hop historian, and cultural commentator, Jeff Chang to explore race, resegregation, hip hop, solidarity, and freedom dreams.

    Custom cookies by Sweet Escapes Bakery

    Consulting and Facilitation

    Consulting & Facilitation

    A.M. Consulting is the industry leading  firm specializing in providing comprehensive, individualized strategies for improving culture, connection, and community within organizations.

    Leveraging data and human connection, our strategies help clients see the world, themselves, and others through new lenses by channeling reflection, love, inspiration, connection and prioritizing joy.

    We move at the “speed of trust” and provide a level of understanding and support that makes it possible for people to heal and build courage.  Our work is tailored to meet your specific needs.  A.M. Consulting develops individualized, multi-tiered strategies based on four pillars of organizational development: culture policies & practices, capacity building, and wellness.

    Our interdisciplinary approach honors both the decolonized world we hope to live in, while acknowledging the world we currently live in.  We are committed to the proverb “it takes a village”. We leverage our network of experts to design an organizational development strategy to meet the specific needs of your team or organization. Our network is made up of scholars, activists, educators, mental health experts, community organizers, healing practitioners, artists, business executives, and legal experts.

    We look forward to partnering with your organization.


    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Assessment & Report

    We meet you where you are. Our DEI and antiracism needs assessment will help you understand where you are in your DEI journey. Your organization receives a detailed report with our key findings.  

    Learn More

    Advisory, Design, Facilitation

    Some leaders and organizations come to us to support upcoming high-stakes gatherings or decisions that need to be made. 

    Let us know what your specific challenges, needs, and hopes are so we can advise on, design, and facilitate the experiences your organization needs.

    Learn More

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Accelerator

    At A.M. Consulting, we know one size does not fit all.  We design an accelerator experience for your organization’s specific needs. 

    Our accelerator provides organizations with the tools, skills, and resources needed to create necessary change in DEI, and the care, time, and space needed for capacity building.

    Learn More

    Conflict Bravery

    Where there are people working in community with each other, conflict is inevitable. The best way to navigate conflict is to do so with the support of a neutral facilitator. 

    We support teams and organizations in navigating some of the most difficult discussions, across differences. Depending on your specific needs, we assign you an expert facilitator to help your organization or team productively and equitably navigate conflict. 

    Our skilled facilitators and experts will support team members in being heard, better understanding each other, and developing the skills necessary to create conflict-brave cultures.

    Learn More

    Staff Retreats

    We design retreats your organization looks forward to.  The concept of a retreat has taken shape to mean something daunting and something people tend to attend with resentment rather than excitement. 

    We challenge the status quo for retreats. We advise on, design and facilitate your organization’s retreat. We prioritize the conversations needed to propel the organization forward while providing the space needed for individual and collective rejuvenation, and meaningful connection. 

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    Altagracia Montilla

    Altagracia Montilla

    “If we can imagine it, we can create it"

    Altagracia was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York City. She credits that brilliantly vibrant, resilient, and spirited community for the power she wields in the world. She is an unapologetically queer woman of color. Her life and her work have always been about being a challenger of status quos and oppressive systems.

    Altagracia’s motto is “if we can imagine a world that should exist, then we can create it.”

    Altagracia is an award-winning conflict-coach, strategist, healer, and freedom-dreamer. Her ability to leverage imagination, courage, and ingenuity has sustained her work supporting non-profit and educational institutions.

    In 2019, Altagracia founded A.M. Consulting, the industry’s leading consulting firm specializing in comprehensive, individualized strategies for improving culture, connection, and community. The A.M. Consulting team is a village of experts using human connection and real-time data to help institutions effectively align their impact with their intentions. Her firm primarily focuses on the implementation of anti-racist and anti-white-supremacist strategies.

    Altagracia also founded Freedom Readers, the world’s only virtual book club designed specifically for freedom dreamers; a space for transformative healing and authentic connection.

    She also serves as the Board Chair of the arts education organization, Spark House and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coalition Leader of the political and economic advocacy organization, Devotion USA.

    Every part of her work is rooted deeply in her belief that the conditions for change towards a liberated world start with each of us. Altagracia draws inspiration from ancestral practices. She’s passionate about digging deep into what motivates people, what inspires people, how people heal and learn best, and what is required to create change needed for a freer and more equitable world for us all.

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    Altagracia Montilla

    | strategist, facilitator, freedom dreamer, conflict coach, healer |

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