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Report Your Organization

Bringing attention to inequities that exist within your workplace is a brave thing to do, but it’s not always a safe thing to do. In addition to the risk of being personally penalized by leadership, being the person to speak up about inequities can be frustrating and exhausting. We will shoulder that burden for you.

Complete our survey, and we’ll anonymously contact your organization’s leaders on your behalf, and hold them accountable for their actions in the workplace.

  • Step 1: Complete the anonymous survey.
  • Step 2: A.M. Consulting will send your employers a letter outlining the complaints that have been brought forth.
  • Step 3: We will work with your company to take the steps needed to make changes in your workplace.

*** Again, your identity will never be disclosed. This survey is completely anonymous. We only collect your information so that we can keep you posted throughout the process. ***

We’re looking forward to helping you empower yourself and your colleagues at work.

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