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Consulting and Facilitation

We align impact with intentions. 

Racism and white supremacy are pertinent and pervasive. They are woven into the fabric of our society and reflected in every institution and organization in the U.S. including institutions and organizations that identify as progressive and committed to social change. The risk of perpetuating the harms of white supremacy culture found in the greater society is high yet it seems few organizations are willing to take a bold stance against racism. To mitigate harm organizations must take an active approach to dismantling racism and white supremacy, both internally and externally. 

A.M. Consulting is committed to partnering with organizations that are committed to the necessary risks required to truly make a difference. 

We envision a day where antiracism is the norm and organization’s serving communities targeted by systemic oppression achieve their missions using an antiracist lens. 

We believe our role in creating such a world starts within, which is why diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are and what we do. 

Our mission is to increase organizational impact by creating environments that value and celebrate difference, leverage policies & practices that prevent inequities, and make it possible for everyone to thrive as their authentic selves.

We’re committed to life-long learning. Our approach is reflective and relationship focused. We develop meaningful, trusting, relationships with our partners to meet them where they are. We provide frameworks to understand the context, history and manifestations of inequities, as well as tools to build organizational policies & practices that are equitable. We work with leaders to identify, examine and disrupt systems that perpetuate inequalities using an approach that:

  • is grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion theory and practice
  • uses collaborative, experiential learning approachesis aimed at fostering organizational cultures with a multi-racial center
  • explores data from four key categories: qualitative, quantitative, historical, and ancestral
  • considers a three-tier approach to systemic change 
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Antiracism & Anti-Oppression 
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Climate and Culture 
  • Community Building & Organizing 
  • Joy & Wellness


We provide support that is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. We’ll partner with you to engage in a multistep, three-dimensional strategic model.

We coach leaders, managers, teams, and boards.

Connecting with a coach is an opportunity to: 

  • Receive targeted, intimate support
  • Dive deep into existing capacities and healing pain points
  • Clarify vision and mission  
  • Strengthen and deepen connections on teams

We provide opportunities for you to learn with other organization leaders across the country committed to making a difference. 

Workshops series are safe spaces for having much needed discussions, learning and unlearning, building authentic relationships, engaging in collective healing, and sparking joy.

Below are upcoming opportunities to learn with others. Coming Fall 2021:


How Racist Are We? An Inquiry to Action Group 

Inquiry to Action Groups or ItAGs gather leaders to study a topic and collectively create an action around that area of study, making it a true community of praxis. The ItAG titled, How Racist Are We? leaders’ commitment to antiracism. 

Leaders committed to racial justice bear the high cost battle fatigue and are at high risk of burnout. This ItAG alleviates some of the burden by providing leaders with the language and framework to understand their organization’s progress towards antiracism, the tools to take action at their organizations, and continued culturally relevant professional development rooted in critical race theory.


The Principles of Antiracism

Since America’s most recent racial awakening the interest in antiracism has increased drastically. However, organizations developed an interest in understanding what antiracism means without understanding what antiracism looks like. 

The Principles of Antiracism” breaks down antiracism into 10 principles. The workshop series supports organizational leaders in understanding what each of the principles looks and sounds like. Some of the principles are: Lead with race informed by intersectionality and positionality; Embrace conflict as normal parts of human relationships and a motor of change towards antiracism; Move towards an organization or a society with a multiracial center. 

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If you’ve already identified a need we’ll design workshops tailored to meet the specific need.
Tailored workshops support in: 
  • eliminating specific barriers to change
  • creating a specific shift in organizational culture
  • implementing a new policy or practice
  • developing skills to fill a specific gap
  • supporting team dynamics and building healthy relationships
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