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About Altagracia

Altagracia is a visionary leader and holistic strategist known for driving development, innovation, and growth. She leverages her backgrounds in education, research, and change management to cultivate healthy organizational communities. Her motto is “if we can imagine a world that should exist, then we can create it.”

She’s a change-maker who uses imagination, courage, and ingenuity to navigate challenges within organizational spaces. For over a decade, Altagracia has innovated systems across the non-profit, education and corporate sectors.

Her passions include exploring what motivates people, what inspires people, how people learn best, the intersection of human connection and data, and what it takes to build and sustain equitable spaces. Altagracia’s work is rooted deeply in her belief that the conditions for change towards a liberated world start with each of us.

Altagracia Montilla
Altagracia Montilla

Altagracia's Work

Altagracia is dedicated to creating immersive experiences that inspire, connect, and heal people.

Highlights Today

Altagracia started A.M. Consulting, an industry leading firm providing a holistic approach to improving organizational culture, connection, and community.

She also founded Freedom Readers, the world’s only virtual book club designed specifically for people passionate about social justice.

Altagracia currently serves as Board Chair for arts education organization, Spark House. She also serves as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coalition Leader of the political and economic advocacy organization, Devotion USA. She has provided vision, leadership, and strategic support across these organizations’ work.

Highlights In History

As Chief Equity Office of the Center for Supportive Schools, Altagracia became one of the youngest, and one of the few Black woman, C-suite leaders in the non-profit education industry. She served as the first woman of color to hold an executive leadership position in its 40 year history.

As the Director of Education and Professional Development, Altagracia made her mark at the Illinois-based Beyond Sports Foundation. Under her leadership the organization’s academic programs achieved record outcomes.

From The Community

“These are only some of the words that describe Altagracia Montilla’s vision for and movement towards a more liberated, humane world. I have seen her guide people through simultaneous learning and unlearning with care, intention, and joy. Indeed, witnessing Altagracia’s facilitation has given me the space to dream a better world with my communities.”

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“Every person who experiences Altagracia’a guidance, circles, and coaching will undoubtedly practice better strategies to achieve their personal, professional, and philosophical goals.”

“Altagracia is the lively intelligence she brings to everything and everyone.”