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Altagracia Montilla

Altagracia Montilla

“If we can imagine it, then we can create it..."

Altagracia was born and raised in the South Bronx, New York City. She credits that brilliantly vibrant, resilient, and spirited community for the power she wields in the world. She is an unapologetically queer woman of color. Her life and her work have always been about being a challenger of status quos and oppressive systems.

Altagracia’s motto is “if we can imagine a world that should exist, then we can create it.”

Altagracia is an award-winning conflict-coach, strategist, healer, and freedom-dreamer. Her ability to leverage imagination, courage, and ingenuity has sustained her work supporting non-profit and educational institutions.

In 2019, Altagracia founded A.M. Consulting, the industry’s leading consulting firm specializing in comprehensive, individualized strategies for improving culture, connection, and community. The A.M. Consulting team is a village of experts using human connection and real-time data to help institutions effectively align their impact with their intentions. Her firm primarily focuses on the implementation of anti-racist and anti-white-supremacist strategies.

Altagracia also founded Freedom Readers, the world’s only virtual book club designed specifically for freedom dreamers; a space for transformative healing and authentic connection.

She also serves as the Board Chair of the arts education organization, Spark House and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coalition Leader of the political and economic advocacy organization, Devotion USA.

Every part of her work is rooted deeply in her belief that the conditions for change towards a liberated world start with each of us. Altagracia draws inspiration from ancestral practices. She’s passionate about digging deep into what motivates people, what inspires people, how people heal and learn best, and what is required to create change needed for a freer and more equitable world for us all.