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Altagracia Montilla

Altagracia Montilla

“If we can imagine it, we can create it"

I am a freedom-dreamer, conflict coach, and strategist committed to dismantling oppressive systems that disempower communities targeted by physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and economic violence. I bring over ten years of professional experience designing strategies to actively challenge oppression and a life-time of experience unapologetically resisting white supremacy. I radically humanize clients, facilitate experiences that channel the best in people, and incorporate joy into this challenging work. I believe every moment of every day is an opportunity to create the world that should exist – a world more just, more equitable, and more inclusive. My work is dedicated to bringing this belief to life.

Driven by a vision of transforming organizations into equitable, empowering communities, I design and implement antiracism and anti-white-supremacy strategies for schools and organizations. I’m an expert at administering needs assessments, designing improvement strategies, and facilitating transformational experiences that promote belonging and care. My work is informed by my research, observations as an educator and non-profit leader, and my own experiences challenging oppressive systems and living unapologetically as a queer, woman of color, raised in a single-parent home in the South Bronx.

I founded A.M. Consulting to support mission-driven organizations to better align their actions with their intentions using facilitation, data analysis, and human connection.

In service of strengthening connections across the country, I founded Freedom Readers, a virtual book club for readers committed to social justice and freedom dreaming.

Recognizing white supremacist norms find their way in nearly all communities including those that are dedicated to dismantling systems of oppression, I am currently designing organizational development and racial justice frameworks informed by the most basic laws of nature found in cosmology, quantum physics, and astrophysics.

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