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Freedom Reader's Book Club

Freedom Readers Book Club

Freedom Readers is the nation’s only virtual book club designed specifically for people committed to social justice and freedom dreaming.

Freedom Readers is an enchanted space, curated by strategist, facilitator, freedom dreamer, conflict coach, and healer, Altagracia Montilla.

Freedom Readers goes beyond the book. This book club is curated to heal and nourish the minds, hearts, and spirits of readers who dare to dream of a world more beautiful than the one we know (more just, loving, caring, etc.). We leverage the magic of community and connection to inspire the most imaginative parts of ourselves.

Freedom Readers is a safe space. All freedom readers are screened through an application process so all members know they’re in the company of their tribe – social justice and freedom dreaming folx.

Spirit of Our Culture

We are a community made up of individuals who lead with love, and value and respect each other. We revisit our community agreements every time a new book is selected:

Time abundance; Breathe, we have all the time we need

Together we are a village

We are here for a reason; We are the ones we’ve been waiting for

We have profound truths to teach each other; Allow yourself to be changed

Sharing from the heart & spirit = healing & capacity building

Spirit is the economy & capital; Give and take generously

What comes up for you, came up for a reason – let if flow

Freedom Reader's Book Club

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Medicine for the Freedom Dreamer’s Spirit

Freedom Readers connects people in profound and unprecedented ways across difference and across distance. Here, we’ve made magic happen in the midst of chaos.

I designed Freedom Readers to be a healing space, but the amount of healing that’s taken place in the few years is already greater than I ever imagined it could be. While the books are a fun focal point, the books are not what heals – healing comes from the connection with like-minded people, the safety to take a breath, breathing in shared space with people who also envision liberation and freedom. Healing is being amongst people who get it. We pour into each other through the gifts of listening and sharing. We pour into each other by making each other feel seen, heard, and loved.

The truth is, the greatest and most inspiring stories are actually the ones we carry with us. So we do something different in the special Freedom Readers series, Medicine for the Freedom Readers Spirit. We put down the texts to explore the stories that already exist within us, within our hearts and spirits. The tools for creating the future, the world we want to see exist, lie within us – we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Each time we meet, we gather around a prompt to help us see ourselves and each other beyond the surface. We take the time to reflect and to unpack independently and collectively. Together, we share laughter, joy, and inspiration; together, we are a movement; together, we embody resistance through community and care. This kind of radical connection, community, and reflection is powerful – It is medicine for the freedom dreamer’s spirit.

What takes place in this space is beyond what I imagined it to be. I’m dedicated to creating more spaces for radical healing and radical connection in this way.

Stay tuned for details regarding the Freedom Readers retreat.

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