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A.M. Consulting

“We radically humanize our partners while creating a foundation to ignite change, build capacity to live the change, and provide the support to sustain the change…”

-Altagracia Montilla

About Us

A.M. Consulting is the industry leading  firm specializing in providing comprehensive, individualized strategies for improving culture, connection, and community within organizations.

Leveraging data and human connection, our strategies help clients see the world, themselves, and others through new lenses by channeling reflection, love, inspiration, connection and prioritizing joy.

We move at the “speed of trust” and provide a level of understanding and support that makes it possible for people to heal and build courage.  Our work is tailored to meet your specific needs.  A.M. Consulting develops individualized, multi-tiered strategies based on four pillars of organizational development: culture policies & practices, capacity building, and wellness.

Our interdisciplinary approach honors both the decolonized world we hope to live in, while acknowledging the world we currently live in.  We are committed to the proverb “it takes a village”. We leverage our network of experts to design an organizational development strategy to meet the specific needs of your team or organization. Our network is made up of scholars, activists, educators, mental health experts, community organizers, healing practitioners, artists, business executives, and legal experts.

We look forward to partnering with your organization.

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“We recognize that in order to create positive change, we must change individual lives…”

Who We Serve

We invest whatever time, energy, and resources are necessary to support change within your organization.

We only partner with organizations led by leaders who believe: believe in making positive change, believe in the possibility of change, believe in doing what it takes to make the positive change come to life; believe in continuous improvement, believe in building a workplace where staff feel seen, valued, cared for, and inspired.

Organizations look to us to facilitate their transition through some of the most critical points in their collective history. Thematically that may look like: 

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion / antiracism transformation 
  • Seeds of Change Institute
  • Culture and climate audit and reset 
  • Creating a conflict brave culture 
  • Leadership and team coaching 
  • Advisory, facilitation, and design of high-stakes gatherings – including staff retreats 
  • Healing workplace pain-points or traumas

Our Approach

We believe that our success is rooted in our radical approach towards cultural transformation within organizations.

We radically humanize organizations. We recognize that in order to create positive change, we must change individual lives, so we:

  • Heal by centering joy and leveraging ancestral practices
  • Build strong sense of community through a village mindset and opportunities for long-lasting, meaningful relationships
  • Make space for learning through a culture that fosters psychological safety
  • Design interdisciplinary, experiential learning processes
  • Provide tools that cultivate AND sustain change
  • Build self-awareness through experiential learning
  • Build organizational awareness through real-time data

Our Process

Sow Seeds: We help sow the seeds of change within your organization. We begin by using data to develop a deep understanding of your organizational needs. 

Live Change: You’ll live change through profound facilitated experiences, capacity-building workshop modules, and a resource toolkits designed specifically to meet your organization’s needs. 

Apply Change: We provide ongoing support to sustain change as it blossoms within your organization.

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The spirit of our work :

“If we can imagine the world that should exist, then we can create it…”