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A.M. Consulting

Transform how your teams connect, create, and lead.

Promote alignment, belonging, and collaboration. 

Using the powers of data, human connection, and courageous conversations, A.M. Consulting will help you transform your organizational culture.

Our Story

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After spending over a decade helping mission-driven organizations better align with their values, Altagracia Montilla, created A.M. Consulting based on this truth:

“It is not the lack of ideas, talent, or resources that hinder organizational success, but rather the absence of brave cultures that encourage collaboration, creativity, and thriving team members.’

Bringing humanity to the workplace, A.M. Consulting stands alone in the realm of workplace culture consulting. Altagracia and her community of trusted, industry experts will guide you through mapping, assessing, evolving, and sustaining your workplace culture.

Altagracia is a sought-after facilitator, Culture Consultant, and Conflict Coach with a background in education, activism, and change management. Her experience informs her approach to transforming organizations. She’s helped countless organizations have the important and nuanced conversations that they need to have.

Schedule a consultation to explore how we can help you improve your culture and improve outcomes. Let us help your organization become the change it wants to see in the world.

“We radically humanize our clients while creating a foundation to ignite change, build capacity to live the change, and provide the support to sustain the change” -Altagracia Montilla

Build Your Culture

Design & Facilitation

  • High Stakes Gatherings
  • Creating Harmony from Conflict 
  • Healing and Wellness Circles
  • Team Offsites and Team Building
  • Retreats

Workshops & Trainings

  • Conflict Brave Culture Masterclass
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracism (DEIA)
  • Fearless Facilitation Masterclass


  • Brave Culture Design 
  • Organizational Culture Assessment  
  • DEIA Assessment and Transformation

Trusted by organizations including...


I deeply appreciate the brave space you created that fostered vulnerable sharing and leaning into necessary tension. The conversations have been profoundly soul-nourishing. I admire your approach and commitment to this work.

Conflict Coaching Client
Conflict Coaching Client

You offered me immense space for growth, connection, and comfort.

Wellness Circle Participant
Wellness Circle Participant

The space you held for us was life giving, affirming, and rejuvenating and we deeply appreciated what transpired in the moment. We also are inspired by your “time abundance” approach and have been reflecting on how we can reframe our relationship with time, so thank you for the example and inspiration!

Executive Leader
Executive Leader

I feel I’ve grown so much just from that one session in practicing compassion (both for myself and others) and healing.

Workshop Participant
Workshop Participant

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the excellent, thoughtful session you put together for our staff retreat yesterday. It was so well done, and I think it was a great way to start bringing this work to all staff.

Organizational Leader
Organizational Leader

I brought in A.M. Consulting to support my team as we were experiencing a difficult time. They helped guide us to identify and work through workplace harm, and find ways to communicate with and support each other.

Team Leader
Team Leader

This partnership breathed new life into TTC, changed lives, and transformed how we see ourselves and how we function and work together as a community of organizers.

Executive Leader
Executive Leader

A.M. Consulting helped me become a better ally to my colleagues, and show up at work in a way that has brought sureness and ease to other aspects of my life. I’m grateful for the intention put into their work.

Allyship Coaching Client
Allyship Coaching Client

I’ve never heard DEI talked about in this way. It usually sounds like a vitamin that you take but you explained it so well and humanized the work.

Board Member
Board Member

50+ business specialists, legal experts, scholars, activists, educators, mental health experts, non-profit leaders, HR professionals, community organizers, healing practitioners, artists, and event planners design and deliver to meet your specific needs.

Core Values

Bravery: We uncover what your leaders need to hear

Humanity: We create meaning and connection in groups

Change: We tackle scarce mindsets to unleash your organization’s full potential

Sustainability: We design systems to sustain your organization’s transformation

Transform your workplace today.